A Fancy Breadbox

Written on 10/10/2019
Marc Spagnuolo

This ain't your grandma's bread box!

The bread box is making a comeback! I don’t know if that’s true, but I just wrote it on the internet so it must be! With the resurgence of fresh-baked wholesome bread, it only stands to reason that we need to bring the bread box back! My wife Nicole is a big fan of bread boxes and we’ve had a metal one that has served us well for years, but she has always wanted something more elegant made from wood. I looked at a bunch of designs and none of them had the look I was hoping to achieve, so I set out to build something with a sleek and smooth appearance made from figured wood with a copper punch panel accent.

This project is available in the Wood Whisperer Guild so if you’re interested in the plans and full set of videos, head on over.

Special thanks to our sponsors Powermatic, Titebond, and Brusso Hardware.

Stuff used in the video: