Guitar Pick Cutting Board

Written on 03/05/2020
Marc Spagnuolo

A triangular cutting board that will never wobble.

Remember that end grain cutting board I made in 2006? It has served my family well but I think it’s finally time to retire it due to cracking and warpage. End grain cutting boards are certainly beautiful but they can also be problematic thanks to all of the glue joints and exposed end grain. To replace it, I came up with a simple triangular design that has three feet, so the board will never wobble. The shape is taken directly from an image of a guitar pick which happens to have the soft three-sided/rounded shape I wanted. Of course a triangle isn’t the ideal shape for a cutting board, but at 16″ wide this board still gives me plenty of room to work. The use of maple and walnut makes the board a conversation piece and it makes a wonderful gift.

Or you can print a pattern and make your own template with this PDF. 

Stuff You Need