I Made My Own Plantation Shutters | Saved a BUNCH of $$

Written on 08/27/2021
Marc Spagnuolo

Making your own plantation shutters is actually pretty easy with the help fo Rockler.

In our master bedroom, we have a very large eyebrow window above a sliding glass door. It’s absolutely beautiful but it also lets in a ton of light at sunrise. While I personally enjoy a face full of sunshine as a wakeup call, Nicole needs more sleep than I do. We already put a dark film on the windows to help tone down the light but the effect was pretty minimal. So I decided to make my own plantation shutters. Having purchased shutters in the past, I know that this custom work would probably have cost me well into the thousands of dollars. After a little Googling, I discovered that Rockler not only has a helpful Wizard to help you design your shutters, but also a bunch of jigs and supplies you’d need to make them. Although I had to make some custom changes to accommodate a curved top, Rockler’s plan and supplies made this project fairly simple. That’s why I approached them to sponsor this episode. Big thanks to Rockler for not only sponsoring the show but also having the resources I needed to get the job done.