Filament Rack | For 3D Printing Filament Spools

Written on 02/11/2022
Marc Spagnuolo

A wall-mounted rack to store your 3D filament.

Nicole has really gotten into 3D printing and she is now applying that knowledge to a STEM program at the kids’ school. Pretty awesome. But at home, the hobby has resulted in gaggles of filament spools all over the basement. Most people keep filament in totes and that’s a great idea for long-term storage, especially in higher humidity areas as filament likes to be dry. Thankfully, in our Denver climate, the basement is dry as a bone and we can leave our filament out with no adverse effects. For us, a rack is the perfect solution for storing the most-used filaments in the collection.

The project is made from 3/4″ thick stock and while I used a Domino to connect the cradle pieces to the sides, you can use biscuits, pocket screws, or dowels as a substitute. Please feel free to download the FREE plan below.

The 3D Printers in the video are created by Prusa and the MK3S+ is our favorite! Click here to learn more about Prusa Printers.