This Spatula Cost Me $33,000!

Written on 04/01/2022
Marc Spagnuolo

Making your own spatula is super easy with $33k worth of tools!

I’m a big fan of eating food. I also happen to enjoy making food. So I like to keep an eye out for interesting kitchen utensils that are all natural and won’t damage my cast iron seasoning. Recently while walking through a kitchen supply store I came across a unique-looking spatula. The shape was reminiscent of a paint brush, but the sharp tip and thick body meant the utensil could be used for normal cooking as well as scraping pans. Instead of buying theirs for $25, I came back to the shop to make my own.

Little did I know that making a $25 spatula would require $33k in woodworking tools!

By the way, if you’d like to see this thing up close, check out the pics below. If you’re a cast iron user, this is a particular nice tool to have in the kitchen.