Get Your Green On! Sleek And Modern Plant Stand – Free Plans Available

Written on 05/13/2024
Marc Spagnuolo

Create a sleek and modern plant stand for your houseplants. Download our FREE plan and transform your space with this updated aesthetic.

I’ve recently become obsessed with houseplants and I quickly ran out of space for various green beauties in my collection. I looked online for plant stands and while I’m sure the commercial offerings will get the job done, most of them look more at home in a greenhouse than in a human house.  I really wanted to make something sturdy, beautiful, with an updated aesthetic and what you see here is my first attempt at creating a sleek and modern plant stand. If you like the look of this stand, we have a FREE PLAN available for download.


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A Better Version?

After making this first version, two things compelled me to continue evolving the design. First, my family spoke up. Both my mom and my brother expressed interest in one of these plant stands. Second, I felt I had a lot of room to improve in terms of functionality, size, and buildability. Not sure that last thing is a word but when I produce plans for a project, it’s important to me that I don’t set folks up for failure with overly-difficult construction or assembly methods. So I went back to the drawing board and created version 2. But I didn’t stop there. To make sure everyone had a plant stand, I eventually came up with version 3, which I consider to be the best of the bunch. And if you’re interested in building that version, check out my new course in the Wood Whisperer Guild: Tiered Plant Stand Course  The course is available at a special discounted price while it’s in this pre-order phase and the price goes up on May 31st 2024. So don’t delay!