200 – Installing a Clear Vue CV1800 Cyclone

Written on 05/02/2013
Marc Spagnuolo

The installation and assembly of a Clear Vue CV1800 cyclone.

One of the most important safety upgrades you can make for your shop is good quality dust collection. If you run a bunch of power tools, it’s hard to argue with the effectiveness of a ducted cyclone system. When I first moved into the new shop, the folks from Clear Vue came down to help me install a new CV1800 cyclone. This 5HP powerhouse features a Leeson motor and a dual stack of Wynn filters.

Because Clear Vue cyclones require some assembly, I thought it would be interesting to show you exactly what’s involved when after the unit arrives at your doorstep.

The cyclone can be installed by one person if required. I know, because I have done it three times. But if you can get help, I highly recommend it. While the cyclone body and blower housing are very light, the motor is incredibly heavy. Lifting the motor overhead onto the wall-mount brackets will test your strength. So I recommend getting some help. Everything else is a simple matter of tightening some bolts, drilling a few screws, and caulking the seams.

For full disclosure, Clear Vue is a sponsor of the show. But if you’ve been following The Wood Whisperer for a while, you know that I’ve been running a Clear Vue cyclone since before The Wood Whisperer ever existed and it’s a product I truly believe in.

clear-vue-install-2And just so you know, Clear Vue is one of the companies that typically offers a discount to subscribing Guild members. On a big ticket item like this, that can make a huge difference! So if you’re interested, Join the Guild today or contact us to inquire about the current discount offer.

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