Moving Out of the Dream Shop

Written on 10/27/2016
Marc Spagnuolo

Yet another shop move is under my belt!

It seems that I’m gaining something of a reputation as a “frequent shop-mover.” It’s probably well-deserved since I’ve moved my shop four times already. If you’re playing along with the Where’s The Wood Whisperer home game, here’s the score so far:

  • 2005 – Moved from California to Arizona.
  • 2009 – Moved to a new home in AZ. Watch Video. We bought a home in AZ with a 3-car garage as a temporary shop space and enough room for a standalone shop. Because the sale of our previous home fell through AFTER the purchase of our new home, we had to carry two mortgages for a while and this temporary shop situation became semi-permanent. Until….
  • 2011 – Moved back to the old shop. Watch Video. After determining that the old house wasn’t going to sell any time soon, I decided to move my shop back into the old spacious garage. My parents moved into the house to help ease the financial strain. I was able to make some upgrades to the space during my stay. Watch Video.
  • 2012 – Moved into the Dream Shop. Watch Video. With the financial strain relieved, we were able to get the loans required to build the new shop on our property.
  • 2016 – Moving to Colorado. Wondering why we’re moving and why we chose Colorado? Read this.

I’m using the same moving company I’ve used for the past two moves: Jones Moving. These folks are reliable and charge a fair rate. Since this particular move requires a two-week storage period and a cross-state move, I wanted to go with a company I really trusted.

We actually sold the house two weeks prior to this video and I was able to do a rent-back on the shop space. That gave me extra time to complete the Grandfather Clock and get some things packed and ready for the move. So once the shop was empty, I handed the keys to the owner and pulled out of the driveway for the last time. But fret not my friends, new and exciting things are coming. The house we bought in Colorado has a 4-car garage and we’ll be doing something of a makeover of the space. I’ll know more after I get there but it should be fun doing the work and documenting the process as I go. Also, pants. I need to buy pants.