2017 Shop Tour

Written on 02/23/2017
Marc Spagnuolo

A complete tour of the new Denver workshop!

Welcome to the official 2017 Shop Tour. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you know that my shop has changed a few times due to various domestic reasons. Back in November 2016, we packed up the house and shop one last time to head to our new home in Denver, Colorado. Curious why we moved? Read this. It’s been about three months since we moved in and I’ve been working diligently to transform my new 950 square foot 4-car garage into a dedicated shop. While there’s still more to do, I’m done with what I’m calling “phase one” since I’m now at the point that I can comfortably start building projects. If you want to catch up on all of the details regarding the move and the shop setup up to this point (as well as previous shop tours), check out the Shop Archives.

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