I’m Getting Rid of my Roubo | New Workbench Tour

Written on 10/29/2021
Marc Spagnuolo

I'm auctioning off my old Roubo workbench for charity and built a new Hybrid Workbench to replace it.

The original Split-Top Roubo Workbench is a classic, and a beast in terms of size and cost. Over the years I’ve heard a lot of feedback from woodworkers looking for a “lifetime workbench” but one that doesn’t break the bank. They were also looking for a somewhat smaller bench, with knock-down construction and mobility in mind. Add in a little bit of Spag-flair and what we have is the new Hybrid Workbench.

You can pre-order the Guild course now for only $30 (Price increases after Dec. 3rd)

The new bench is packed with great features that will satisfy power tool woodworking, hand tool woodworking, and the kind of woodworking I do: Hybrid Woodworking. By the way, I wrote a book about Hybrid Woodworking that you might want to check out.

So what’s happening to the old bench? We’re auctioning it off for charity. The charity is Rob Cosman’s Purple Heart Project. Place your bid here.

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