A $35 Hand Plane?! – Q&A

Written on 01/27/2023
Marc Spagnuolo

Thoughts on Grizzly's planes? Coping Sleds. Problem with Tung Oil Finish. Fesool Sanders 3 vs 5 Stroke How to Soundproof the Shop. What are your greatest influences? Glue for Vacuum Pressing. Filling Epoxy Gaps Is Carbon Filtration Helpful? Is CNC a novelty?

Your Questions:

00:00 – Start
00:15 – Thoughts on Grizzly’s planes?
01:33 – Coping Sleds
02:49 – Problem with Tung Oil Finish
4:32 – Festool Sanders 3 vs 5 Stroke
6:09 – How to Soundproof the Shop
7:30 – What are your greatest influences?
8:22 – Glue for Vacuum Pressing
9:49 – Filling Epoxy Gaps
10:57 – Is Carbon Filtration Helpful?
12:11 – Is CNC a novelty?


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