Which Festool Domino? And more! – Ask TWW

Written on 02/26/2023
Marc Spagnuolo

Future upgrades/expansions, Mortise Chisels, Finish for Gaming Dining Table and Walnut, Letting teak age naturally?, Which Festool Domino to purchase?

In today’s Q&A we’ll discuss my commercial property, mortise chisels, finish for Ash, finish for walnut, and which festool domino.

00:04 – The Firehouse Property

William wants to know how big our commercial property is and if we have plans to expand. The entire property is about an acre. A good portion of the square footage is a paved parking lot and a septic field. So if we ever do expand it would have to be forward toward the road.

01:43 – What’s the deal with Mortise Chisels?

Tom wants to know what the deal is with Mortise Chisels. He had a lot of questions and I tried to answer them.

03:43 – Gaming Dining Table out of Ash? Same finish?

Scott is building the Gaming Dining Table and wants to know if I still recommend the finish I used at the time, which was a wiping varnish. And I do! Nothing wrong with wiping varnish. In fact, you can learn how I like to apply it here.

04:46 – A good finish for walnut?

Gary wants a recommendation on a finish for walnut. Walnut is pretty forgiving with finishes and outside of water-based finishes that might cause a little bit of a bluish or hazy appearance, just about anything will look decent.

05:59 – Let teak age naturally?

Yellow Mug Inc. wants to know my thoughts on teak graying naturally. Personally, I don’t love the way gray weathered wood looks so I generally try to stop that from happening. Check out this video I did showing different finishes and how they held up in the real world.

07:08 – Which Festool Domino to purchase?

Calvin can’t decide between the Domino 500 vs Domino XL and has trouble justifying the cost. My recommendation is that he actually doesn’t buy a Domino if he truly doesn’t see the value. But to answer the question, I generally recommend people go with the Domino 500 unless they are frequently making large items like big tables and beds.