Why are we destroying a perfectly good table?!

Written on 04/17/2023
Marc Spagnuolo

Why would be destroy a perfectly good table? To make it even better, of course!!!

Several years ago Jason and I made a dining table. Original Mid-Century Modern Table.
While there’s technically nothing wrong with the original design, the mid-century modern styling brings with it a few challenges for a busy family of four. Because the legs spread out, it limits the overall seating capacity and anyone sitting near the end of the long side will occasionally bang their knee. So we set out to alleviate these problems with a slight re-design, using as much of the original table as possible. The new version of the table is much more functional for Jason’s family and aside from two new rails, features all original materials. We also took the time to change the finish from Rubio to Sherwin Williams Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer.

Stuff shown in the video: