C-Channel is Overrated!

Written on 09/25/2023
Marc Spagnuolo

C-channel is one of the most overrated concepts in woodworking.

In my 20 years of woodworking, I have never used C-channel for anything…ever. It’s exactly why I feel C-Channel is a waste of time in most situations. I say “most” because I rarely work with live edge slabs. And live edge slabs are one of the few instances where I think C-channel makes sense. In the last few years, I’ve noticed a lot of people using C-channel in situations that really don’t call for it. For instance, when making standard table tops from a series of kiln-dried glued-up boards. I’m guessing folks have seen so many live edge projects being made with C-channel that they assume the extra reinforcement is also necessary when making regular table tops.

Now don’t get me wrong, if you want to use c-channel as something of an insurance policy, go for it! But don’t do it under the illusion that it’s actually necessary. In this video I’ll show you just a few of the many examples of table tops I’ve made that are still flat, but without any more reinforcement than what’s provided by the furniture itself.

Now before anyone starts sending finger farts in my direction, I understand that wood is a natural product. There’s always a chance a table top will misbehave. It happens. However, if the wood is properly dried, milled, and attached to a solid base, there’s a high probability that the top will remain flat for generations. Think long and hard before you plunk down the case and spend the time assaulting your table top with C-channel. And let me know if you agree that C-Channel is a Waste of Time.

For tips and tricks on making panels that stay flat, check out this video! 

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