Top Construction & Oil Finish | The Big Finish | Sideboard Pt 11

Written on 02/12/2024
Marc Spagnuolo

Constructing the top and finishing the Sideboard with tung oil and citrus solvent.

As the Sideboard Series comes to a close, we’ll embark on the Top Construction & Oil Finish. The top is really just a large walnut panel. I like to use Dominos to help keep the panels aligned curing the glueup though the same thing could be achieved by using several sets of cauls. The idea is to keep the boards as even as possible so that it limits the amount of work we need to do after the glue dries. After the top is fully scraped and sanded, I added a small 1/8″ roundover. If you’re looking for more information and tips for making wide panels that stay flat, check out this video. 

The finish I used is Bumblechutes, a natural tung oil finish thinned with citrus solvent. You can save 10% using the code TWW10 at This finish is not the most protective in the world, but it does just fine on a piece of furniture that doesn’t require a ton of protection.

The top is attached to the case using screws and elongated screws. 1 1/4″ should do the trick as long as you don’t drive them too deep. The back panel is then added with glue and brad nails.

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