Unbelievably Easy Exterior Wood Finish With Rubio Durogrit!

Written on 06/10/2024
Marc Spagnuolo

A look at Rubio DuroGrit, an outdoor wood finish that provides durability and increased UV protection in just one coat.

In my experience, all outdoor finishes will eventually fail. Some will most certainly fail faster than others, thanks to the breakdown that occurs from UV exposure. Rubio Monocoat recently came out with a new outdoor finish called Durogrit. They say the finish fights UV damage with the use of something pretty unique: cellulose wood fibers. The finish provides durability and increased UV protection in just a single coat. I applied this finish to my Outdoor Coffee Table  and while I’d love to give you a final determination on this finish today, I simply can’t. To effectively evaluate an exterior finish, we need time. The table sits on an exposed patio in Missouri. So it’s getting plenty of rain, big humidity swings, and more than a fair share of sun. We’ll check back in about a year.

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